SLABJACKERS CONSTRUCTION; is a family owned and operated company serving Springfield, Illinois and surrounding communities for more then 26 years.

We raise settled concrete, and correct trip hazards on patios, sidewalks, driveways, porches, garage floors, Air Conditiong slabs, foundations, footings, etc., through a process called mudjacking. Mudjacking is an alternative to replacement. It is about a fraction of the cost of replacement and a fraction of the time. We can Support and/or straighten your basement walls/crawl space walls. We can repair your cracked basement walls/ crawl space walls.




Pictorial Over of Slabjacking at Slabjackers Construction in Lincoln, Il

THE PROCCESS: Mudjacking is the process by which small holes are drilled through the concrete base. A cement grout mixture is then pumped through the holes with a hydraulic pump. The material flows into the voided areas and slowly lifts the concrete slab back into position. The material dries and hardens.THERE IS VERY LITTLE MESS AND VERY LITTLE DOWN TIME. You can use your walk, patio, porch, etc., as soon as we finish the job. Your trip hazard will be corrected.

WE SERVICE: Athens, Auburn,Cantrall, Chatham, Farmersville, Girard, Glenarm, Greenview, Jacksonville, Lincoln, Litchfield, Middletown,New Berlin, Pawnee, Petersburg, Rochester, Springfield, Taylorville, Waverly.

Before and After Sidewalk at Slabjackers Construction Logo in Springfield, Il
Before and After Driveway at Slabjackers Construction Logo in Jacksonville, Il
Before and After Stoop at Slabjackers Construction Logo in Athens, Il

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