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Slabjackers Construction About Us Family Portrait

SLABJACKERS CONSTRUCTION is a family owned and operated business.

The Wilkins family has owned this business since the early 1990’s. We pride ourselves on doing business with a handshake. Our employees are loyal and have been with us for many years. We also have four children who have grown up in this business and have all worked for us at one time or another over the years. CJ our oldest has been with our team since he was a young teenager. He leads a crew for us at this time. Evan has worked with us since he was a young teenager and is now a police officer. Micah, our third son, has also worked with us for many years and now leads a crew himself. Carly, our youngest works in the office assisting Nancy, my wife. Carly is attending school to be a Medical Assistant. We are so thankful for the hard working children we have and that they have been able to be a part of this business with us. I, Chuck have owned and operated this business for 23 years, some of that with my father, Les Wilkins. Les used to do the estimating for jobs while my mother, Sue, scheduled the jobs. It was such a pleasure being able to be a part of this with my parents. My wife, Nancy has been managing the office and scheduling the jobs for 15 years now. We are truly a Family Business. We are proud of what we have accomplished in the Springfield and surrounding areas. We have made many friendships in this business over the years and hope to continue serving this community for many years to come.

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